Marketing Chapter 8 - Marketing Chapter 8 (Marketing...

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Marketing Chapter 8 (Marketing Research: From Customer Insights to Actions) Marketing research – process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically collecting and analyzing information, recommending actions Goal is to identify and define both marketing problems and opportunities and to generate and improve marketing actions Decision – conscious choice from among two or more alternatives Five step approach for marketing decisions Step 1: Define the problem Set research objectives – measurable goals the decision maker seeks to achieve in conducting the marketing research o Exploratory research – ideas about a vague problem o Descriptive research – find frequency that something occurs or the extent of a relationship between two factors o Casual research – determine extent to which the change in one factor changes another one Identify possible marketing actions o Measures of success – criteria used in evaluating proposed solutions to the problem
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Marketing Chapter 8 - Marketing Chapter 8 (Marketing...

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