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VietnamOutline - Vietnam Outline I What the war was about A...

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Vietnam Outline I. What the war was about A. Vietnam has history of outside powers invading (The Vietnamese Revolution) (The following is the history) 1. Ho Chi Minh became dedicated to social revolution, and national liberation 2. Became involved with expatriates, radicals, and Socialists and began to develop his political ideology and strategy 3. Began to develop program for Vietnamese liberation with his lefties compatriots 4. Wanted to discuss plans with W. Wilson for Vietnam—he was unavailable 5. Ho turned further left to Chinese Communists and made first trip to Soviet Union 6. Ho was to organize “League of East Asian Oppressed Peoples,” in Guandong, China 7. His nationalism increased, and he made more contacts with other Vietnamese Leftiest—who would help him make the Revolution 8. Established Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) a. Appealed to both oppressed colonies, and exploited working class b. Outlined 10-point program that stressed nationalist objectives c. Establish Vietnamese independence d. Communist goals e. Promise of Civil rights f. Public Education g. Equality between men and women 9. Working class began protesting against French caused conditions without ICP support 10. French stepped in and bombed peasants as they protested 11. Vietnamese arrested in suspect of communism and for roles in rebellian. 12. Ho would have to begin efforts again 13. Party emerged stronger than ever 14. Rise of Hitler caused French to take less harsh view of Vietnamese resistance 15. ICP was able to rise and organize openly 16. ICP members challenged Ho as being to opportunistic and criticized for working with non-communist groups 17. Ho began campaigning for the issue of land—in the 1930’s was major struggle
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18. During WWII Japanese were trying to establish an alliance of Asian states under Japan’s control 19. Ho began training troops against Japanese invasion 20. French became more aggressive again in Vietnam 21. French declared ICP illegal due to greater Communist suspicion 22. Creation of Anti-imperialist National United Front with national liberation, not class struggle, as its number one goal 23. September 1940, Japanese troops landed at Haiphong, and another outside power was entering Vietnam 24. Japanese began to fight against France aided with Vietnamese troops 25. Vietnamese Communists were able to establish control without any orders from ICP 26. Ho Chi Minh returns to Vietnam 27. Meeting in Pac Bo established The League for Vietnamese Independence better known as the Viet Minh 28. Stressed nationalist sentiments, emphasizing Vietnamese history and culture. 29. Called on all people, rich included, to join the cause 30. Were going to fight occupants (French and Japanese) for control 31. Ho was imprisoned in China 32. Vo Nguyen Gap, currently in Vietnam, had different plans than Ho 33. Voted to begin armed struggle against the Japanese in the northern provinces 34. Late 1944 begins the armed struggle 35. Japanese helped defeat French 36. Vietnamese independence short lived—Japanese maintained authority in Vietnam 37. Japanese became new Viet Minh enemy
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