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Imagery Poem - but their tongues whisper “keep going just...

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Soles and Souls by Devon Siegel In the depths of my closet they wait faithfully for their next outing, tongues crying to escape. Early in the morning, as the sun rises, I can almost hear my sneakers calling my name and shouting “let’s go!” Their laces embrace my feet as I launch out into the world. Soles and souls pound the pavement mile after mile. The early morning sun beats down on me, as the world starts to heat up,
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Unformatted text preview: but their tongues whisper “keep going, just a little farther.” When I begin to slow, they are constantly urging me on, up insurmountable hills and down the respites of the other side. As my journey ends, so does theirs. Back to my closet they go, resting waiting, and hoping that tomorrow brings an even greater challenge than today....
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