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prose - “Why isn’t he calling?” “Did I do something...

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The Waiting Game by Devon Siegel You sit waiting, waiting for what seems like forever. Staring at the Crackberry perched on your desk, willing it to do something. All you want is a noise, a beep, a ring, something to tell you you’re not waiting in vain. “Get back to work,” you tell yourself, trying to concentrate on things that would ordinarily be more important. You catch your gaze drifting back to the phone.
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Unformatted text preview: “Why isn’t he calling?” “Did I do something wrong?” Of course not, but you can’t help but let these questions flood your mind. Two days and not a word. The longest two days of your young life. And then…yes! It’s ringing! Is it him? It must be. Your waiting wasn’t for naught. You grab the phone and…shit, it’s just your mom....
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