story from a hat

story from a hat - Devon Siegel [email protected] Flying...

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Devon Siegel [email protected] Flying Alfred, like many people, always dreamt of flying. But as a high school physics teacher with chronic back pain he was never quite sure how to go about realizing this dream or if it was even something he’d be capable of doing without hurting himself. One day while checking out the bulletin board outside the teachers’ lounge, Alfred happened to notice a flyer for a free glider lesson. “Hey look at this! Free glider lessons,” Alfred called to his fellow teachers. He motioned for them to come over but no one was interested enough to move. “You’re crazy, Alfred,” said the history teacher. “You’re liable to get yourself killed up in the air like that,” added the ever-cynical math teacher. Screw them, Alfred thought to himself. And with that, he had decided to make his dream become reality. The next day Alfred called the number on the flyer and scheduled a lesson with Sky Sailors Glider School. After getting the basics down, Alfred was ready to fly.
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story from a hat - Devon Siegel [email protected] Flying...

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