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feedback #4 - hay They would then have one of two fates...

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Devon Siegel AN SC 360 Feedback #4 April 29, 2008 As an aspiring small animal veterinarian, my ideal beef cattle operation would be no more than a small hobby farm of up to six cows. This farm would be in Hunterdon County, New Jersey or in a surrounding county because of the proximity to the small animal hospital I will (hopefully) be working at. I would buy small-breed calves, preferably Angus, at a local auction. These calves will have already been weaned so as to do away with the need for a lactating cow or any bottle feeding. They would subsist on grass pasture and hay with an appropriate concentrate and supplement to compensate for the nutritional shortcomings of the pasture and
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Unformatted text preview: hay. They would then have one of two fates. Most would be sold at auction as feeder cattle while one or two would be fed until a later age at which they would be slaughtered and butchered privately and go directly to my freezer. The age at which the cattle leave my farm is dependent on the cost of feed, cost of management and the possible need for extra income rather than meat in the freezer. The expected expenses include feed (hay, concentrate and supplement), equipment (feeder, watering device, possibly a run-in shed, etc.), veterinary expenses and transport to and from auction. Income is dependent on the cost of feed and market prices of cattle at the time of auction....
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  • Spring '08
  • ideal beef cattle, small animal veterinarian, small hobby farm, Hunterdon County, small animal hospital

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