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Practice Questions - Exam 1 - Practice Exam Questions BADM...

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Practice Exam Questions BADM 320 – Exam 1 Fall 2008 The following questions are not all encompassing (i.e., they do not cover all of the topics on the exam) but reflect some of the types of questions you may encounter on the exam. Note that the questions are designed to go beyond simple definitions--some ask about your knowledge of the topic, others test your comprehension, for some you must do some analysis. 1. In developing a marketing strategy marketers should be sure that a. The product, distribution, promotional, and pricing strategies are all consistent. b. The product and distribution strategies are in conflict with the advertising strategy so that advertising is more effective. c. The product is the lowest priced product, within its product category, on the market. d. The product provides more features than competitive products. e. All of the above. Answer: A 2. Which of the following best describes the creation of loyal customers through relationship marketing? a. It increases the cost of maintaining existing customers b. It is a contractual relationship that binds customers to the business c. It increases the likelihood of repeat sales d. It removes the need to worry about customer service in the future e. It improves the diversity of the customer base Answer: C 3. The external environment a. Can be controlled in much the same manner as the internal marketing mix b. Can be easily manipulated by marketing managers c. Does not change over time d. Does not have an impact on Fortune 500
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Practice Questions - Exam 1 - Practice Exam Questions BADM...

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