VOCABULARY - VOCABULARY Periaktoi- special device used to...

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VOCABULARY Periaktoi - special device used to change scenes Design concept -unifying idea carried out visually Central image or metaphor-part of design concept; helps establish design concept Ground plan - floor plan, drawn to scale, outlining various levels on stage and indicating practice of everything Stage right ; stage left -right and left sides of stage seen from the performer’s perspective Upstage ; downstage - down stage area nearest audience; upstage area farthest away from audience Turntable - a circle set into the floor which can electronically/ mechanically change scenes Wagon- low platforms on wheels To “fly” scenery dropped from fly loft Flat - single flat unit used to create walls or divisions Hard flat -movie or Hollywood flat; firm metal called luan placed on wooden or hollow metal frame Cutouts - vertical units; small pieces made like flats Scrim - a gauze or cloth screen which can be printed with thin paint or dye Screen projection - a picture or drawing is projected on a screen either from in front or from behind Special effects - effects of scenery lighting, sound and props that seem unusual Strobe light - effects of slow motion or silent movies, performers seem to be moving in jerks Line - outline or silhouette or elements onstage Mass and composition - balance and arrangement or elements Texture - the “feel” projected by surface and fabrics
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Color - shadowing and contrasts of color combinations Rhythm - “visual rhythm” repletion of shape color and texture in a pattern Movement - the way the action unfolds and way it progresses scene to the next Thumbnail sketch - rough sketches used to provide the basis for further discussions about scenic elements Rendering - more complete sketch often in color Model - small scale 3-d which director uses to help stage the show Computer - assisted design (cad) computerized design where designers can make instantaneous changes Technical director - given models renderings and cads, ground plans, designer’s elevation Paint elevations - indicate colors shadowing from Pov or specter in the auditorium
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VOCABULARY - VOCABULARY Periaktoi- special device used to...

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