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Study Guide-Exam 1 - F08 BA320 - Study Guide BADM 320 Exam...

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Study Guide BADM 320 – Exam 1 Fall 2008 The following list of topics is not all inclusive but contains many of the most important topics that you should know for the first midterm exam. This list contains topics as well as individual terms. For the topics you should know the terms encompassed by that topic. You are not required to memorize book definitions but rather you should understand the concepts, know what they mean, and be able to apply them. Chapter 1-Marketing Definition of marketing History of marketing Transaction and relationship marketing Non-traditional marketing Exchange Utility Value proposition Market Market segmentation Target market Marketing mix and the types of decisions related to each aspect of the marketing mix Positioning Marketing strategy Demographics Chapter 2-Maraketing Strategy Planning (strategic, tactical, marketing) Strategy meaning Alternative strategies Mission statement SBUs BCG matrix Growth strategies SWOT analysis Environmental forces
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  • Marketing, INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGIES, market Marketing Mix, marketing History of marketing Transaction, marketing Non-traditional marketing, forces Micro-environmental forces

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