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IAH Buber responce paper - other I was a little confused on...

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IAH 241B Jordan Gillo Dr. Bunge A36491505 Buber Response Paper October 8th, 2007 I don’t think I completely understood Martin Buber’s book, “I & Thou”, just by reading it. I did some research on it and understood it a bit better, but still not in its entirety. I thought Buber’s views of the two ideas, I & it and I & Thou to understand the ways of relationships for humanity, were very interesting. When he explains the human relationships with I & it, he tries to connect two separate things and tie them with each
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Unformatted text preview: other. I was a little confused on why he thought this was an insufficient and unsatisfying way to view the world and the people in it, so he then presents the idea of I & Thou. He explains this as a way of looking at the world that things have means to an end. I found these ideas pretty confusing, and thought the book was somewhat tough to get into. It was pretty slow paced, but I did like the ideas and points he made....
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