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Women bathing are the commonly found themes in both Renior’s and Picasso’s works. However, the ways in which both artists portray this scene are radically different. Renior’s piece is a representational one, and it is most obvious what is going on; however, Picasso’s piece is one of abstraction, which conveys and entirely different theme and content than that of the first. There is a large similarity between the color schemes used in both pieces, as they both employ a cool color scheme with soft blues and greens. They also both utilize a neutral theme of flesh colors, but these pinks and yellows are not bold enough to take both pieces to the warm side of the color spectrum. Another similarity of these two pieces is the balance they possess. Both are asymmetrical in design. Differences in the pieces include the artist’s use of line. Renior’s use of
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Unformatted text preview: mostly delicate, flowing lines generates a calm scene, whereas Picassos use of sharp, choppy lines creates a sense of uneasiness in the piece. There even seems to be a sense of entrapment to the figures in Picassos piece, as the background is blurry and unclear; however, in Reniors piece, the background is clearly a peaceful place which presents no threat. There are also similarities in the focal points each piece possesses. Both pieces present an emphasis in the center of the piece, about on the center of the womens chests. Overall, one can clearly see through examination of these two examples that although the content is especially similar, that does not guarantee that the pieces will possess the same context....
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