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Write an entry on your thoughts about the video of restoration and the controversy of art restoration in general. You will need to go to the library and check out this video. Please note: this is a film that was done DURING the restoration, so it shows the restoration in process. The ceiling was completed in 1989 and the Last Judgment in 1994. The restoration of the wall frescoes were finished in 1999. A good website that explains more of the controversy is: You may also view a different Sistine Chapel video which can be found at - Under Michelangelo, click on "Saving the Sistine Chapel" from NOVA. Really beautiful comparisons and some explanation of controversies involved in the most recent restoration. There are discussions of process and how frescos are created. The most recent restoration of the Sistine Chapel was an event that brought about much controversy, such as is apparent in the film “Saving the Sistine Chapel" from NOVA. In this
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