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Journal 1_ 2

Journal 1_ 2 - enjoy it touched the one who created it and...

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What is Art? This question has baffled society for ages. Why? Perhaps it is because this question does not have an absolute answer. The definition of what one generation considers beautiful changes in each generation. “The ideas we have about art today have not always been in place” (Getlein 21). Further, these ideas we currently hold about art will not stay in place in the future. And who is to decide what defines something as art in this generation or any other? Walking through any art museum, I can guarantee you that everything I see in that building that touches me personally and that I consider to fall into the category of “art,” my grandmother will not completely agree with. But because we cannot agree on one piece being “art” or not, does that affirm or disqualify it as being such? Surely not. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it; even thought it may be a piece that I do not especially
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Unformatted text preview: enjoy, it touched the one who created it, and through that it has served it purpose. Then maybe every creation is a form of art. I especially enjoy Getlein’s take of art on page 24: “Our modern ideas about art carry with them ideas about the person who makes it, the artist, and the people it is made for, the audience. We take it for granted that the artist’s task is to pursue his or her own visions of art; to express his or her own ideas, insights, and feelings; and to create as inner necessity dictates.” I suppose what I’m saying is that I do not know and do not believe that I or anyone else can point to any piece of “art” and consider it as that or not, and I’m okay with that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I don’t know, sometimes maybe. Perhaps this class can help me figure it out. I hope so....
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