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Check out these sites and write a brief essay on your thoughts about this controversy or about  political cartooning in general. I understand that the Islamic population would be terribly offended by the publication of  these political cartoons. That only makes sense. I also understand that it seems rather logical  that those who are offended by these cartoons would react in the way that they did/are because  of their social environments. Reading about those reactions, however, made me exceeding  thankful that I live in America where, although free speech is limited, it is still much more  available.  It also came to my mind, different articles I had read in the past where Islamic groups  had written awfully offensive thing regarding Christian, as well as other non-Muslim cultures.  How hypocritical, I thought. Muslim political cartoonists and journalist portraying offensive things 
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Unformatted text preview: in regard to western culture, and little media reportage of the outcome, but Western offensive remarks towards Islamic culture, and death threats are made. This alone struck me in a way that made me uncertain if western and eastern cultures would ever get along. Another thing that struck me was that at the end of the first article, there were several comments that users had left in reference to the article which had been presented. Several of those comments were filled with completely ignorant, and just plain disturbing remarks of how the other party was wrong and the Muslim population should just be nuked. It was comments like these that made me hope desperately that those who left them did not vote in presidential elections, or any other election for that matter....
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