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Alissa Herman Death in the Haymarket: Reaction Paper September 2, 2008 I saw the first chapter of Death in the Haymarket as portraying the struggle between the working class (the proletariat) and the ruling class (the bourgeoisie); here, the working classes and the incipient Labor Unions that represent them are fighting for an eight hour work day. As someone who has worked in retail jobs where I was paid hourly, I can appreciate this struggle and show solidarity with the workers. In this context, the eight hour day is an equalizer because it impedes the bourgeoisie’s ability to exploit its workers. The eight hour work day also provided workers with a means to realize the American Dream. Without having to work incessant hours, laborers would have time to gain an education. I felt that an eight-hour work system would have been advantageous to the capitalist as well as the laborer. If laborers are able to attain upward
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Unformatted text preview: mobility, they will likely enter into higher paying jobs and thus be more likely to consume. The next chapters, beginning from the description of May 1, 1867, show a steadily escalating tension between worker and employer. I was not surprised by employers’ refusal to grant their workers with eight-hour work systems as promised by the passing of new legislation. Though I believe that it was wrong for employers to force employees into working ridiculous hours, I do agree with the notion that workers should have been able to negotiate with employers. As usual, though, unwillingness to compromise ended in violence on May 4, 1886. I saw the throwing of the bomb by the group of anarchists as a cowardly attack on capitalism. However, because of the controversy it incited, it could be seen as having been effective....
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