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notessept2 - B Read chapter one in Fierce Discontent...

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Unformatted text preview: B Read chapter one in Fierce Discontent, chapters 5 & 9 Judicial murder- murder because systems needs to make an example out of agitators Anarchism- chaos Som- society communally owns means of production Ideology- Napolean Bonaparte, stems from ideas of French revolution, set of beliefs based on world view shaped by identifiable cohort, which encourages programs or policy intended to benefit society or individuals Ideologues- always fighting for the other side Utopian- literally, no place Edward Bellamy- wrote Looking backward. Utopia because sot industrial state Henry George- Knights of Labor- tried to be giant union that united variety of workers (white and blue collar) founder 1869 in Philadelphia, wanted single great union of producers (those who actually do the work) lawyers, banker, gamblers, saloon keepers not allowed to join- all workers of hand and brain allowed to join, wanted weekly pay in cash (instead of whenever employer wanted to pay you) cash as opposed to script redeemable at stores, wanted equal justice in court and an end to...
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