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HA4449_6649 Fall 08 Case Analysis Guidelines

HA4449_6649 Fall 08 Case Analysis Guidelines - HA4449/6649...

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HA4449/6649 Fall 2008 Professor Lisa Klein Pearo August 25, 2008 Case Write-Up Grading Criteria Cases will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 1. Clear identification of the issue(s) and their relative importance 2. Demonstration of understanding of different perspectives, limitations, and objectives of key players in case. 3. Application of marketing concepts to problem 4. Soundness, accuracy, breadth and depth of the analyses 5. Weighting of critical conclusions of quantitative and qualitative analysis in forming recommendations 6. Appropriateness and specificity of recommendations. 7. Ability to support recommendations with analyses 8. Quality and professionalism of written presentation A more detailed set of guidelines for meeting these criteria are attached at the end of this document. Case Write-Up Tips 1. All cases should be written in memo styl e addressed to the case protagonist. (See example on the following page.). Assume the role of a consultant hired by the protagonist to help solve the problems identified in the case. 2. Do not summarize the case in your write- up. Assume your audience has read the case. You do not need to use formal citations for use of data from the case, but you should always reference page numbers or exhibit numbers. 3. Answer all of the case discussion questions. One of the questions will always be, “what should the protagonist do?” Your recommendations (“action plan”), must include all of the following: Identification of the major issue(s), both short-term and long-term Recommended solution(s), supported by qualitative and/or quantitative data analyses Criteria used to select preferred solution over alternatives Action and implementation plan, including contingencies 4. You are not required to do outside research for the case analysis. The case is intended to be a self-contained discussion tool. If you are missing key information to make your decision, you will need to make some assumptions and explain these in your write-up. Spending time
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  • Fall '08
  • Qualitative Research, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8, relative importance, Professor Lisa Klein Pearo, Ms. Casey Protagonist Jane Hotelie, Presents key recommendations

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HA4449_6649 Fall 08 Case Analysis Guidelines - HA4449/6649...

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