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Hollander 2008 History 201 Midterm I Review Sheet Part One: Identification (40 points): Six (6) of the following terms will appear on the exam and you will have to choose four (4) and identify them (i.e. briefly explain who or what it is, when, where & why it was significant ). A. H. Layard Agoge Akhenaten Alexander III Archon Aristotle Ashurbanipal Aten Carneades Cleisthenes Cuneiform Cynicism Cyrus Delian League Demeter Diogenes of Sinope Ephor Epicurus Eupatridai Gerousia Gilgamesh Hammurabi Hapshepsut Helots Hippias Hoplite Krypteia Linear A Linear B Minoans Moses Mycenaeans Nefertiti Ostracism Peisistratus Pentakosiomedimnoi Pericles Philip II Philistines Phoenicians Plato Sappho Sargon Sarissa Sennacherib Skepticism Socrates Solomon Solon
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Unformatted text preview: Stoicism Tiglath-pileser III Tyrtaeus Xerxes Zeugitai Part Two: Document Interpretation (20 points): This section will feature passage from a primary source and a question or questions concerning the passage. You will not be asked to identify the author or title of the passage but merely to interpret it. Part Three: Essay (40 points): There will be two (2) essay questions of which you will choose and answer one. Your answer should make an argument and your argument should include examples from or references to historical events. [Note: use the remaining exam time and the rest of your bluebook to produce an organized, detailed, and legible essay.] The exam takes place in class on September 29 th . Please bring a bluebook and a pen....
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