Final exam question queries S 08

Final exam question queries S 08 - o We didn't return the...

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o Hi everyone—I’ve have received a few messages from people  wondering about the study guide questions about the film  Sicko  and  the diabetes guest lecture.   o For the  Sicko  section, my rationale is that everyone who saw the  movie should at least be able to recall the basic concepts covered  in the first and third study guide questions: which population of  health care consumers in the U.S. the film focuses on and what the  film’s director seems to be suggesting as a possible strategy for  alleviating the U.S. health care crisis. If not, they can always refer  to a film review on-line, or even re-rent the movie if they wish.  I am  willing to leave the second question about the five types of  federally-funded public services off of the exam.
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Unformatted text preview: o We didn't return the diabetes lecture activity papers, but the questions on the study guide were designed to be general enough so that students who attended the lecture, and even those who didn't, should be able to be familiarize themselves enough with the basics about diabetes to be prepared for two or three very general multiple choice questions about it. The exam questions won't go into issues of any complicated medical depth; you don’t need to know definitions of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes or anything like that. We just want to assess that students have a basic understanding of what diabetes is from the standpoint of global health. Hope that’s helpful--Dr Borovay...
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