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Michael Penna The author of “Eusebius’s Conversion of Constantine” is Eusebius himself. Eusebius was the bishop of Caesaria, located in present-day Syria 1 . He is the author of Ecclesiastical History , his own interpretation of the history of Christianity up to the third century 2 . The author prepared the document to delineate the theological experiences and conversion of Constantine. The occasion for the document’s creation was Constantine’s victory against Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. According to Eusebius, Constantine received a vision from God, instructing him to place XP (or chi rho), the first two Greek letters of the word “Christ” on to all of his men’s helmets. The visions of Constantine could have been exaggerated, either by Constantine or Eusebius, especially since Constantine gave all credit for his victory to Jesus the Son of God. The visions include fantastical imagery, such as a ladder reaching to heaven, and a bright, blinding light. Eusebius did detail this imagery very intricately.
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