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Etienne Lescure English 1304 Mrs. Cook Survey 1. What is marriage? 1. Marriage is when you are meant to spend the rest of your life with that someone, 2. Marriage is the union of two people who care about each other. 3. Marriage is the expression of love between two individuals, as the bible states. 2. 1. No they shouldn’t be allowed to marry. 2. Let them get married or have unions, so they can have the same rights, and so I can stop hearing about this issue. 3. No because it is against the rules of the church, but they should have the same rights as married couples. For this exercise I asked two of my friends and my roommate for their opinion on the
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Unformatted text preview: meaning of what marriage is. My friend Austin and my roommate Taylor have just about the same views, believing that marriage should between a man and woman, while my best friend David has contrasting views from theirs. My views on these questions are the same as my friend David’s, and I believe that by just asking three people I was able to distinguish the split of feelings between people around the country. The respondents seemed to not overlook the aspect of the topic of what marriage is. My friend David said that marriage should be defined as a union between two people and this is another way of defining marriage so that it can include same sex marriage....
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