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Michael Penna The author of the Testimonium Flavium is Josephus. The document is part of the larger Antiquities , which is compendium of Jewish history. The Testimonium Flavianum is a section of Antiquities dealing with the historical person of Jesus. Josephus was originally a soldier, first for the Jews until the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. Afterward, he was a soldier for the Romans. After his military career, Josephus became a historian. I think that Josephus has a high place in society. First, in ancient times, such as Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome, mass education as it is known today in the U.S. and the civilized world did not exist. Education was only reserved for the upper class. This was also due to the dearth of paper in Rome, in addition to the high cost of education. Ancient Rome did have distinct social classes, so education could have been a way to separate the distinctions. Second, Josephus was able to communicate with a lot of people in order to write the Testimonium Flavium
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