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st perpetua - Michael Penna The Passion of Saints Perpetua...

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Michael Penna The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity is an account of the martyrdom, or “passion,” of Revocatus, Felicity, Saturninus, Secundulus and Perpetua. Perpetua, the author of the document, was a new mother as well as new to Christianity despite the disapproval of her father. Felicity was the slave of Perpetua, and was eight months into her pregnancy herself. 1 Perpetua most likely was from the upper classes of Roman society. She had a slave, which most of the plebeians would not have been able to afford. Furthermore, Perpetua’s father seemed that his daughter’s conversion to Christianity would lower him in the eyes of his contemporaries. This is stated in Perpetua’s account “I-have preferred you before all your brothers; give me not over to the reproach of men. Look upon your brothers…look upon your son, who will not endure to live after you. Give up your resolution; do not destroy us all together….” Perpetua prepared the document in order to record the visions she received from God prior to her and her compatriots’ death in the circus at Carthage, the occasion of the document’s creation. What is at stake for Perpetua is the survival of Christianity, the cause for which she was martyred. Thus, Perpetua wrote the document to ensure the survival of Christianity as well as to portray and take away fear of death at the hands of Jesus. The text is an example of apocalyptic writing.
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st perpetua - Michael Penna The Passion of Saints Perpetua...

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