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IE220_F08_hw2 - the problems • Type your answers or write...

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IE220: Introduction to Operations Research Fall 2008 Professor P´olik Homework 2 Due Thursday, September 29 in class or online through Blackboard Important Reminders Show your work. Answers such as ( x 1 ; x 2 ) = (2; 6) are incomplete and will not be accepted. You may work on these problems with your classmates, but you must write up your assignment by yourself, and without looking at anything you wrote down when working with your group. This includes problems that you solve using a computer. Cite anyone you worked on the problems with or asked for help, as well as any sources (other than Hillier & Lieberman and the lecture slides) that you consulted when solving
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Unformatted text preview: the problems. • Type your answers or write them neatly. • Late homework will not be accepted for credit. Get started early! • Your professor and TA are available to answer questions about the problems or the homework policies. • You may use the graphical solver in the “IOR Tutorial” on the CD-ROM that came with Hillier & Lieberman to help you solve the graphical problems. Include your printout in your write-up, and make sure to annotate the figure as necessary to explain your solution and how you arrived at it. Problems From the textbook. 1. 4.1-5 2. 4.3-2 (a) 3. 4.4-6 (b) and (c) 4. 4.5-8 5. 4.6-7 6. 4.6-16 (a)...
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