Final Study Guide Part 2

Final Study Guide Part 2 - Final Study Guide for POLS 306...

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Final Study Guide for POLS 306 Spring 2008 (The Final Exam will be multiple choice and short answer questions) Part I. Terms and Phrases The following terms are form the lecture and the text. You need to know the definitions from the book and the lecture. The “terms and phrases” part of the exam will be multiple choice. Experimental group - group of research subjects who receive the treatment or test stimulus Case Studies - An in depth examination of an event or locale. Has poor external validity since the results concentrate on a single unit of analysis Focus Group - A study group used primarily in product evaluations because of the high face validity and speedy results as well as relatively low costs Quota Sampling - A non-probability sample in which elements are samples in proportion to their representation in the population Sampling Interval - standard distance between data Double Barreled Question - Requires participants to choose between two questions that are not mutually exclusive. Ex.: “Do you prefer protecting environment or spurring economic growth?” Feeling Thermometer - In surveys the answers provided to questions such as; agree, strongly agree, disagree, etc. GIS - Geographical information systems- land use, transportation, political mapping, police/mapping crime rates. Has layers with a 24 satellite guided GPS system with 3 receivers on earth to collect location data. Raster Data - Type of special data represented by axels or pixels. Grounded Theory - Inductive approach to the study of social life that attempts to generate a theory from the constant comparing of unfolding observations. Scale - Combined measure used to operationalize abstract concepts such as racial prejudice, which can not be measured by a single indicator. Likert Scaling
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Final Study Guide Part 2 - Final Study Guide for POLS 306...

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