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Anarchy- absence of a supranational authority in a nation; self help states, realism- all against all, liberals-contracts, cooperation for survival BofP- int’l system states provide for their own security by having equal power or more than others, preponderance of power for deterrence; realism; internal; external; traditional theory doesn’t account for proximity and perception of threat Cosmo- lasting solutions to conflicts cause inclusion, tolerance, mutual respect; humanitarian intervention; promotes democracy, civility, human rights; human over sovereignty; feminism; int’l intervention should be law enforcement, humanitarianism and reconstruction DPT- dems don’t fight w/ eachother bc of common values, domestic-peaceful political and cultural foundations, economic cooperation LON- Truman, 1920 prevent wars, collective security, all against one, failed won’t give up power, no u.s. backing, violation of collective security principles by members Marxism- capitalism own demise, worker class up rise, 3 laws-capitalism over produces, concentration of wealth, inherent contradiction of capitalism, Russia
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