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POLS 320 Take home - Question (education environment,stemcellresearch,gunpolicy, policy.(theoryandstages .

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Question: Pick two of the following substantive policy issues (education, environment, stem cell research, gun policy, homeland security or foreign policy). Compare and contrast the policy processes (theory and stages) involved in each issue area. What theory best explains the development of each policy area? Be sure to pay particular attention to the agenda setting, implementation, and evaluation.
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Niki Grewal Public Policy Dr. Alesha Doan June 26, 2008 Stem Cell Research and Gun Policy are two very distinct polices that work under two different theories. Gun policy revolves around punctuated equilibrium while stem cell research is conducted using the pluralist model. Punctuated equilibrium is a case where exogenous events create new and dramatic policies. Pluralism rests upon the idea of competition and free expression. Gun policy is brought to the political agenda when a devastating event occurs within the U.S. For example, this may be the assassination of President Kennedy or the shootings at Columbine. Nonetheless, this creates lots of policy ranging from the national government down to the state governments. After the death of President Kennedy and MLK Jr. congress enacts a gun control law barring sales of guns to criminals. Then policy dies down until there is an assassination attempt upon Ronald Regan. This time localities respond to this threat by making laws requiring everyone in the town to carry guns or banning them within their city (CQ Researcher 131). Soon after the government seems to forget about the major events that recently occurred and in
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POLS 320 Take home - Question (education environment,stemcellresearch,gunpolicy, policy.(theoryandstages .

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