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Introductory Memo Example - Communications Academy Memo To:...

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Memo To: BusComm students From: Carolyn E. Kerr Date: 5/12/2009 Subject: Getting to Know You In the very near future, you’ll complete one of your first assignments for class. In that assignment, you will create a memo to introduce yourself to me. With that in mind, it seemed only fair that I create a similar memo to help you get to know me as well. At the same time, I hope this memo will help you better understand what I’m looking for in your assignment. Background I was born and raised in Allegheny County. In fact, except for a brief detour to Boston I have been a proud and happy resident of this area all my life. My parents both grew up in Westmoreland County (mom in Irwin, dad in Scottdale). Both sides of my family have lived here for quite a long time. My great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Colonel George Woods, surveyed and laid out downtown Pittsburgh. Wood Street is named for him. Moving on to my own life, I began school in what was then the Green Tree School District. It doesn’t exist any more, as it has been incorporated into Keystone Oaks. When I was in 4 th grade my parents decided to move and picked our new home based on the school district. As a result I completed my public education in Upper St. Clair. During my school years I was active in both theatre and music activities. In high school I helped tutor other students in our English and foreign language resource centers. And I belonged to the Leader’s Club, which assisted the phys ed teachers. My specialties were teaching volleyball and swimming. I’m proud of the fact that I can take a “sinker” and have that person swimming safely and confidently in deep water after just three or four coaching sessions. As do most students, I took the SATs in my junior year. I had my results sent to Pitt, WVU and, for reasons I still can’t explain, Ohio University. The Friday before the end of my junior year, I received a letter from Ohio University asking if I would be interested in skipping my senior year and attending school as an early admissions student. With my parents’ blessing I returned to my school that day to talk to my guidance counselor and make arrangements for a meeting in Athens, Ohio the following Monday. They gave me an unofficial copy of my transcript and I was off. When I met with the Director of Admissions in Athens that next week he explained that, while I would have to complete an application to have in my file, I was accepted for the fall term. I returned to Upper St. Clair for what would now be my last two days of high school. Since I only had English and gym left as requirements for my Senior Year I was really happy. Page 1 Communications Academy
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One of the reasons my school gave me permission to become an early admissions student was that I was considered unusually mature for a student my age. I attribute that partly to the way I was raised but also partly to the summer job I had starting after my freshman year in high school. I worked at the
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Introductory Memo Example - Communications Academy Memo To:...

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