CHM 131 Exam-I-2003

CHM 131 Exam-I-2003 - Chemistry 131-Krugh Professor Thomas...

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Chemistry 131-Krugh Exam I September 30, 2003 Professor Thomas R. Krugh Name ___________ ___________ ___________ _______________________________ (signature) UR ID. No. ____________________________ There are SIX questions on this exam. Please check to be sure you have a complete exam package. Please work exam problems on the pages provided. Show all your work neatly and circle your answers; credit is awarded for the work shown. If you need additional space to complete a problem, please tell us where to look for your solution. Question 1. (25 points) _____________ Question 2. (25 points) _____________ Question 3. (25 points) _____________ Question 4. (25 points) _____________ Question 5. (25 points) _____________ Question 6. (25 points) _____________ Bonus: My Recitation TA's name is: ____________ ______________ (2 points) _______________ Exam Total (150 points) _____________ Reference Data: H 1.008 S 32.07 One liter is 1000 mL He 4.00 P 30.97 One pound is 453.6 grams C 12.01 Cl 35.45 One pound is 16 ounces. N 14.01 K 39.10 One ton is 2000 lbs. O 16.00 Cu 63.55 Magnesium is in Group II Na 22.99 Pb 207.2 One mole of gas at STP = 22.4 L Ag 107.9 π 3.141592 Air is 19.8% oxygen
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Exam I Name: _________________________________ Page 2 of 8 Points on this page __________ 1. (25 points) The current price of silver on the New York Spot Market for metals is $5.21 per ounce of silver (or 18.38 cents per gram). What is the value of silver in 500 mL of a 0.250 M AgNO 3 (silver nitrate) solution? (Hint – first determine the mass of Ag + in solution and then determine the value of this mass, assuming we could recover this mass as pure Ag( s ) by an appropriate reaction). Ans.
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CHM 131 Exam-I-2003 - Chemistry 131-Krugh Professor Thomas...

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