exam4key2006 - 1 initials Below is the final curve for bio...

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1 initials________ Below is the final curve for bio 111 for the spring semester 2006. I have not developed a curve for the final exam as it has no relevance. The curve is based on the total number of points earned, 430. Your grades on the final exam should appear on webCT shortly. grade total pts %of total A 359 83.5 A- 342 79.6 B+ 325 75.6 B 308 71.7 B- 291 67.7 C+ 274 63.8 C 257 59.8 C- 240 55.9 D+ 223 51.9 D 206 48.0 D- 189 44.0 The key for the final exam follows, beginning on the next page.
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initials________ Part 1: Review questions (5.5) Answering this question is required. 1. a. (1) In a population at a single locus for eye color there are only three alleles. locus for eye color freq. allele 1 0.3 allele 2 0.5 The frequencies of the alleles 1 and 2 are given in the table. What is the frequency of allele 3? Place your answer in the table in the appropriate box. allele 3 0.2 b. (.5) At a second locus, this one for fur color ( NOT the one outlined in the box above) there are only two alleles , Fur1 and Fur2. List the genotypes that are possible in the population of diploid organisms. Fur1/Fur1 Fur2/Fur1 Fur2/ Fur2 (This is an all or nothing answer for .5) c. (.5) Allele Fur1 has a frequency of 0.3. The frequency of the Fur1/Fur1 genotype is also 0.3. Given this data, do you think that at least one of the Hardy Weinberg conditions is being violated? (Circle one) yes / no (2) Use the Hardy Weinberg theorem and equation to support your choice of yes or no. (.5) If at equilibrium, the equation predicts the frequency of Fur1/Fur1 should be 0.09 (1) Fur1/Fur1 is not 0.09 or Fur1/Fur1 is not at the predicted value (.5) at least one of the conditions must have been violated or a statement that the prediction is valid only if all conditions are met or at equilibrium only if all are met or non violated. 1 2 A a At the left are the chromosomes from an animal that is a diploid. Shown on the long chromosomes are two alleles, 1 and 2, at a locus and on the short chromosome are two alleles, A and a, at a locus. d. (.5) What is the N number for this organism? __ 2 ___ (1) In the space to the right, draw the chromosomes as they would appear in metaphase 1 of meiosis to produce a gamete that has the genotype 1/A. Clearly indicate the location of the alleles on all of the chromosomes. 2. Osmosis and diffusion Answering this question is required (3.5) A U tube is filled with different water based solutions of designated osmotic potential (Op). Op = -35 MPa Op = -10 MPa water permeable membrane plunger Side A side B a. (.5) In the absence of the plunger , the water will move to (circle one) side A / side B of the U tube. b. (.5) In the U tube, what is the pressure exerted by the plunger if the water levels do not change?
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exam4key2006 - 1 initials Below is the final curve for bio...

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