chapter 1 - Things PR is: Deliberate intentinoal Designed...

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ntro to public relations Public Relations: the proactive, deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish and maintian mutual understandings betweena n organization and its publics. What PR does: Pr develops effective relationships with: * the media * customers * employees * investors * interested groups * and the government Classic Views of Pr -Public relations is the companies cheerleader -Public relations profeesionals are Publicity seekers for the company -PR Pros are the companies "Palace Guard" protecting the image of the company from the press and public What PR Pros do Advise: Ceo's, presidents, and clients Technicians-distrubte messages through multi-media channels and establish and mantain a mutualy beneficial relationship between their organization and its publics
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Unformatted text preview: Things PR is: Deliberate intentinoal Designed to influence gain understanding, provide info and gain feedback Very performance oriented: a companies success or failure can be detrmined by its PR Two way communication: between organization and its publics A management and prolblem solving solution The public relations process: R: research A: Action C: Communication E: Evaluation Research: Whats the problem? Whom does it affect what is the overall goal what are the objectives who are the publics involved Action: What are we going to do Communitions: How are we going to communicate our actions Evaluation: Did we reach our publics and accomplish our goals...
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chapter 1 - Things PR is: Deliberate intentinoal Designed...

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