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chapter 2 - another midget as a stunt as well as shows for...

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Chapter 2 History of pr Oldest press release: rosetta stone Jesus had a pr front man: john the baptist Julius ceasr grapsed the use of pr 59 bc: -Posted commentaries and daily doings of the senate Pope gregor Xv College of propoganda Kings college now columbia university: Press release about graduation in 1758 Boston tea party Important pr figures PT Barnum: widely utilized third party endoresment to secure PR. Used marriage of tom thumb and
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Unformatted text preview: another midget as a stunt as well as shows for english royalty Westinghouse corp: first inhouse department dedicated to pr Assocation of american railroads: frist company to use the term PR 1891 Amos kendall: first presidential press secretary Chicago Edison Company(sam insull): used bill stuffers Ivy led better lee: 1st pr counseler U...
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