Chapter 24 bio 104 Study Guide

Chapter 24 bio 104 Study Guide -...

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1. Give at least five characteristics that separate plants from other organisms. Eukaryotic, autotrophs, multicellularm stationary, sexual reproduction 2. Give four reasons as to why freshwater green algae are considered the ancestor to land plants. Chlorophyll A and B, food storage as starch, cellulose in cell wall, genetic comparisons(close match) 3. Name and describe the structures that are responsible for the evolutionary success of land plants. Root and Shoot sytem, lignin(strengthens cell wall), Cuticle (insulates from drying out), Stomata (holes in cuticle for gas exchange), vascular tissue (phloem and xylem) 4. Name and describe four major evolutionary events that land plants have experienced. Multicellular embryo (surrounded by plant cells to protect and keep moist), vascular tissue, seeds, and flowers. 5. Explain the following evolutionary trends observed in plants: vascular tissue, life cycle, fertilization, seeds, and pollen. 6. Describe the general life cycle of plants by distinguishing between
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Chapter 24 bio 104 Study Guide -...

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