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23 Bio 104 Study Guide

23 Bio 104 Study Guide - 1.?Archea,Bacteria Eukaryote...

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1.All organisms are divided into what three domains? Archea, Bacteria, Eukaryote 2. The domain Eukarya is comprised of what four kingdoms? Protists, Fungi, Plantea, Animelia 3. Describe how the endosymbiotic hypothesis helps explain the evolution of protists. Aerobic bacteria engulfed by cell and evolved into mitochondria. Same with chloroplasts 4. Give a general description of protists by including their size, type and number of cells, how they obtain nutrients, and how they reproduce. Mainly single celled,, larger than virus and prokaryotic cells, some photosynthesize, some heterotrophs, and some sacrobes (decomposers-absorbing dead material) 5. What are two ways in which protists are ecologically important, and what is plankton? They are a food source(primary producers) and Produce O 2 . Plankton are organisms suspended in water that serve as major aquatic food source 6. Why are protists considered to be a “grab-bag” of organisms or a “catch-all” kingdom? Very diverse, everything that doesn’t fit in other catagories 7. Give a general description of the plant-like protists. (Give examples.) they photosynthesize.
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