Exam 1 Outline - Chapter One The Dimensions of class...

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Chapter One The Dimensions of class Outline A. Karl Marx a. Communist Manifesto – a book written by Karl Marx b. Bourgeoisie c. Proletariat d. Mode of Production – the materials you need to produce things i. Labor, means of production, money? e. Mode of Production and Supterstructure i. Superstructure includes everything that is around you in a society ex. Social economics, religion, culture ii. Change in mode of production leads to change in superstructure 1. Karl Marx says as a result of the change in the world over time everything changes. a. Politics, motives f. Feudalism g. Capitalism - find five stages B. Max Weber a. Class – depends on how much money, property, you have with reference to production. Weber and Marx agree on this b. Status – social ranking-does not depend on income or money - individuals are born with some physical attributes that are better than others – if you are born with physical handicapped you can’t change that – some people born with good/bad genes C. Nine Variables – max weber a. Economic i. Occupation - ii. Income – money generated by wealth or job
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iii. Wealth – property – assets, land, stocks
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Exam 1 Outline - Chapter One The Dimensions of class...

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