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ESPAÑOL 1003 - Español intermedio I Otoño 2008 University of Connecticut Curso: Español 1003 - Español intermedio I Sección: Hora: Clase : Instructor: Oficina: Teléfono: Correo electrónico: Horas de oficina: ***************************************** General Overview : This course intends to develop communicative skills at a basic level. We will focus on listening, speaking, writing and reading. Its purpose will be to provide a cultural context that encourages and eases speaking in Spanish. It also establishes the basic grammatical structure to allow for written communication. Course goals: 1. To develop speaking abilities in Spanish 2. To develop abilities in writing and basic knowledge of grammar 3. To provide cultural context in order to contextualize the learning experience 4. To increase your knowledge of Spanish grammar through basic writing 5. To increase your knowledge of Hispanic culture Course Description : Four class periods and a minimum of one hour of laboratory/computer practice beyond the class meetings are required per week. Texts and materials : Knorre, M., T. Dorwick, A. Mª Pérez-Gironés, W. R. Glass, H. Villarreal Puntos de Partida 7th Edition shrink pack, MacMillan. (Required). Cultural Student Pack (Required – Distributed via HuskyCT). Spinella, Emily English Grammar for Students of Spanish Evaluation Criteria : An individual's performance will be evaluated according to the following criteria and percentages. Class participation 10% Homework, workbook and lab manual 15% 6 quizzes 12% 1 written unit exam 14% 5 journals, 2 compositions 20% Oral exam and oral presentation 14% Comprehensive written final exam 15% 100% Grading scale : A 95-100% A- 90-94 B+ 86-89 B 83-85 B- 80-82 C+ 76-79 C 73-75 C- 70-72 D+ 66-69 D 63-65 D - 60-62 F 0-59 Explanatory Notes: If you have any problems or questions concerning the course requirements or your performance, please discuss them with your instructor . If your instructor cannot resolve a problem in particular, please go and visit or make an appointment with Prof. E. Urios-Aparisi: . ARJ 116 (860) 486 1531 1
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Students are required to take all scheduled exams, both oral and written, in order to pass the course. Any exam or other work missed due to illness or other excused absence must be made up within one week of the scheduled date. It is the student’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements. In the event that arrangements are not made, the student shall receive a grade of “F” for the exam or assignment missed. If a student should deem it advisable to drop the course, s/he must take care of the paperwork. If the student’s name appears on the final grade list, s/he will receive the grade which reflects the work done during the semester, even if s/ he had decided to drop the course. Last day to drop a course is February 4. THIS COURSE DESCRIPTION AND SYLLABUS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, WITH PRIOR
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This note was uploaded on 09/24/2008 for the course SPAN 1003 taught by Professor Zambala during the Spring '08 term at UConn.

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Span1003-programa-Fall08-1-60-1 - ESPAOL 1003 - Espaol...

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