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Stretching Yourself, in Writing: Response to a Human Rights, Cultural, or Artistic Event The Basics For this assignment, you will attend a human rights, cultural, or artistic event on campus; you will write and revise a brief essay summarizing as well as reflecting on the event; and you will visit the University Writing Center as part of your revision process. The Details 1. Attend an event approved by your instructor. Arrive at the event early, and do not leave until the entire event (including question & answer time) is over. Take notes before, during, and after the event. Before the event starts, take notes on your expectations for the event based on what you already know about the event, on the audience gathering around you, and on your related experiences. During the event, take thorough notes, especially on ideas, artistic pieces, etc. that most interest you. Also write down at least one or two striking direct quotations to use in your essay. Immediately after the event, take several more notes on your reactions. If you’re stuck, look to the guidelines for successful reflections for ideas about how to react. It is important to get some of your reactions down immediately even though they might change as you draft and revise your essay. 2. Draft your essay, keeping in mind the guidelines for successful summaries and reflections. As you write, assume an audience of fellow students, your instructor, and other UConn community members. Don’t assume that your readers attended the event, but do assume that they are curious about it and especially about your personal and intellectual response to it. A full draft (2-3 pages) is due on September 24th. 3. With a partner from your class, make a single appointment for the Writing Center. To
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Writing%20Assignment - Stretching Yourself, in Writing:...

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