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PERSONAL TIME SURVEY 168 168 is the immutable, unchanging reality of time as we keep it. Presidents and queens, the rich and famous, business people, the poor and downtrodden, each and every one of us live with the reality that no matter what, there are never more than 168 hours in a week. Understanding how you are currently spending your time is the first step in effectively utilizing this non- renewable resource. Step 1: List the amount of time per week for each activity (arrive at a daily average and multiply by 7; account for weekend differences): a. Class time (# of hours in class each week) __________________ b. Job/Work __________________ c. Socializing (hanging out, IM’ing, dating, etc __________________ d. Commuting/transportation time __________________ e. Athletics/Exercise __________________ f. Extracurricular Activities
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Unformatted text preview: __________________ g. Family Responsibilities (cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.) __________________ h. Sleeping __________________ i. Eating __________________ j. Personal Hygiene (bathing, hair, make-up, etc.) __________________ k. Other ______________________________ __________________ 168 Step 2: Add together a.-k. for a SUBTOTAL: __________________ Step 3: Now subtract your subtotal from 168 for a TOTAL: ___________________ Step 4: Divide your total by 7. This is the average number of hours per day you have left for studying or free time ___________________ If the number in your TOTAL line is negative, you have committed more time than there is in a week. YOU ARE IN TROUBLE. If you have time left over, ask yourself what choices there are for your time. Do you have time for more sleep? Volunteering? Friends?...
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