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Kevin Raesly Team Number 3 Donna Bookout-Coe April 11, 2008 Vignette Number One In this vignette, the problem is dealing with a potential drug abuser, but there is not enough evidence to reasonably approach him and his girlfriend is pleading for this to be kept quiet. The first option that Donna has is to do nothing about this and wait until there are grounds to test his possible drug-abuse. This is a good option because it keeps the girlfriend safe and doesn’t bring the company into any legal issues of civil action by the employee. The second option is to go directly to Kathy and talk to her about her boyfriend. Donna would have to make it clear that her boyfriend does not know about this conversation and she is trying to get to the bottom of it. The benefit to this would be that hopefully Kathy was honest in her sayings and Donna could find out if she was really telling the truth before and get more information regarding Doug and his possible drug abuse. The third option is to go to Doug himself and talk to him. This option is the most direct and Donna could say that there are reports of him using drugs. This could lead to a drug test under reasonable grounds and allow them to really figure out what is going on. I believe the best option to go with is number two. This is a very tough situation because there is not a lot of evidence stating what is going on and Donna truly knows nothing more than that Doug might be a drug user. By going to Kathy and talking with her, she can find out more information. Donna would ensure Kathy that this was a conversation that Doug does not know about and she needs to tell the truth for the safety of the company and her boyfriend. In talking with Kathy, Donna must also say that if she lies about the drug use now and something happens in the future, she will also be held responsible. This would cause
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Donna Bookout-Coe - Kevin Raesly Team Number 3 Donna...

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