Mushrooms and Molds Guest Lecture

Mushrooms and Molds - Mushrooms and Molds Guest Lecture 10:22:00 Amatoxins • When people who eat these mushrooms anywhere between 1060 of people

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Mushrooms and Molds Guest Lecture 01/04/2008 10:22:00 Amatoxins When people who eat these mushrooms, anywhere between 10- 60% of people die. After 5-12 hours: severe vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. These symptoms may pass Later: Remission of symptoms, failure of kidney and liver function, coma and usually death The toxin is not readily excreted or metabolized and undergoes enterohepatic recirculation. It is very hard to get rid of and if you do go to the hospital, the treatment is supportive care because there is not much that can be done at this point. Liver transplants are the only real option if it is possible, but the toxin is still in the rest of your body. Galerina species (wood or wood chips), Death Cap Mushroom ( Amanita phalloides), Conocybe . Amanita virosa, the destroying angel, is most of the poisoning that takes place in Northeast America. Amanita phalloides, has a cup/vulva at the bottom and is very common amongst these mushrooms. It has a greenish/brown color on the cap. Claudius 10 BC- 54 AD. Was poisoned by Agrippina, his fourth wife, with mushrooms so her son, Nero, could become Emperor. He had deathcaps put into his food Nero was emperor at 17 and killed his mother at 22. He made jokes about poisonous mushrooms and was just a bad, bad emperor. The Great Fire of Rome happened on his watch Gyromitrin Hydrolyzed in the body into rocket fuel, MMH Causes hydrazine poisoning Wide variation in sensitivity to MMH Wide variation in mushroom concentration of gyromitrin
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This kind of mushroom poisoning has not been well understood for a long time. The different patches of false morels have different amounts of toxins in each patch and it is impossible to tell. There is a certain dose of the toxins that is considered fatal, so it is very confusing. Boiling them, outside, is a way to decrease the toxin level. The mushroom is a false morel. Symptoms begin 6-10 hours after eating or inhalation of fumes Gastro-intestinal distress neurotoxicity, liver damage Sometimes fatal Morels If eaten raw, they are toxic, if cooked they are fine. It will give you vomiting, cramping and such. The toxins are unknown. Hydrazine poisoning You can get a fever, which distinguishes the false morels from other mushrooms. If you are not going to die, then you get just a bad vomiting, cramps and such. If you are going to die, it is the same symptoms as listed above when they come then subside. Hydrazine and amatoxins are the two most common sources of mushroom poisoning Orellanine Does not cause nearly as many deaths because it is not considered as edible Produced by species of cortinarius Turns out to be a kidney toxin with delayed onset of up to 3 weeks. Flu-like symptoms also
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Mushrooms and Molds - Mushrooms and Molds Guest Lecture 10:22:00 Amatoxins • When people who eat these mushrooms anywhere between 1060 of people

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