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Andrew Jackson in Office------------------------------------------------------------------------------------04/07 Jackson re-defines what the president should do- enormously important I) Election of 1824 and “corrupt bargain” A) Shapes Jackson and the type of campaign he will run in 1828 B) James Monroe 1816- after Madison- re-elected in 1820- bold foreign policy moves- John Quincy Adams 1) During his years as president there is relative political calm- factionalist fighting gone away- “era of good feelings” C) Crawford put forward by the republicans to run for president- initially considered a shoe-in- from Georgia- old school Jeffersonian- suffered a stroke early in campaign that took him out early D) John Quincy Adams interested in pursuing the presidency- from Massachusetts- secretary of State under Madison E) Henry Clay- senator from Kentucky- goes down in American history as a great compromiser F) Andrew Jackson- very well known- military hero G) Political battles not as intense as before H) Completely messed up election that ultimately got thrown into the U.S. House of Representatives- electoral vote was split 1) Andrew Jackson got the most electoral votes out of all of them but he did not get a majority of all the votes- none of the three men get a majority 2) In the end the U.S. House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams 3) Henry Clay backed out- least number of votes- threw his support to John Quincy Adams- politically they were on the same page I) “Corrupt bargain” 1) Andrew Jackson was steamed- felt it was stolen from him- mad that Clay backed out and that Adams chose Clay as his secretary of state 2) Jackson felt that was a corrupt bargain 3) Probably didn’t happen- both men were obnoxiously honest 4) Jackson ticked because it looked like up until then the position of Secretary of State was the ticket to the presidency J) John Quincy Adams- brilliant- well informed and educated- but extremely difficult to get along with- not a very effective politician or president II) Election of 1828 A) Jackson was pissed- felt ripped off in 1824- started campaigning then- put together an organization- understood the politics of personality, symbolism, image- supporters held political rallies- image of Jackson being back woodsy- rough- Indian fighter- emphasized his lack of formal education in an effort to appeal to common people- indicates something fundamental has changed in the culture B) The way the elections were held were different- states began to 1 by 1 choose who was going to be representing them in the electoral college- individual states gave the selection over to the voters themselves C) Adams was portrayed by Jackson and his supporters as an aristocrat- too educated and wealthy D) Jackson won and this does represent something different- completely different background III) Profile of Jackson A) Background 1) Wasn’t making up his back-woodsy, uneducated past 2) Un-aristocratic birth 3) Tall military man- very tough
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HIST_2055_Third_Test - 1 Andrew Jackson in Office-04/07...

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