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History 2055 Final Exam Book Questions: 1. How successfully did masters control their slaves values and communities? a. Not very successfully b. Slaves were exposed to Christianity and believed they would be saved c. Masters could not change the way their slaves believed d. Slaves were encouraged to marry and they did; this strengthened the black community e. The planters also rented out their slaves to other plantations f. Slave patrols tried to control slaves from sneaking off of their plantations at night 2. What activities and interactions tied the slave owning and non-slave owning communities together? a. Direct assistance in time of need. b. Wealthy neighbors lent food to poor farmers during shortages c. These market transactions in goods, services, and credit were a form of social as well as economic
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Unformatted text preview: exchange d. Churches also tied people together e. Neighborhood support for individual candidates in politics f. Slave owners wanted non-slave owners to think they could make it one day 3. What social tensions in the southern white community boiled to the surface with secession and the Civil War? a. There was discrimination in whites over wealth and class b. "Rich man's war but a poor man's fight" c. people complained about the wealthy being exempt from the war draft for no reason d. The competition in recruiting for the army also created conflicts e. Slaves ran away to the Union army - this was whites BIGGEST fear f. Inflation went out of control and ultimately hurt the poor...
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