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American History 2055

American History 2055 - History 1055 1865 to...

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History 1055- 1865 to Present January 25, 2007-Thursday Settlement of English Colonies, Part I I. Background to English colonization a. Broad trends in English colonial development b. Reasons England begins colonizing c. Experience in Ireland II. Virginia a. Roanoke b. Jamestown c. Changes in the 1610’s d. Becomes royal colony e. Nature of society f. Characteristics of Virginia for the rest of the 1600s III. Maryland Indentured servants (continued) o They are “employees” o When a planter would buy an indentured servant they were really buying them for a period of time, the planter could even sell their indentured servant when they no longer wanted them. The indentured servants could even be given to a planter through a card game o This IS NOT slavery though b/c: The people are putting themselves through this voluntarily - that’s why its not slavery. But why? Because things in England is so bad at the time. They hope to just get through this & hopefully they will survive and have a better life. Also, it was not widely known how bad things actually were in England. Also it is not a permanent condition- indentured servitude has a solution Children of indentured servants do not inherit their parents decisions or position of being an indentured servant- another way this is different from slavery. Virginia characteristics Jamestown o Profit- it starts with profit and that is the thing they focus on o Virginia is spread out. You have Jamestown, but it is not much of a town. Virginians are not interested in towns, they are interested in farms. The settlement was situated up and down the rivers. A lot of rivers feeding to
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the Chesapeake Bay. They are growing tobacco for exporting across the ocean. It’s a very disperse settlement. They are not growing their own food, but growing crops to be sold. 1622- government is rural, not a company anymore. Virginia is now a rural economy- meaning the top of the government is the “King”- They had a rural governor. There is also some degree of government based on – House of Burgesses - elected by men. The Church in Virginia- Virginia is all about the money and making the money. There are some Angleton priests and churches in Virginia, but they are not really into churches, they are into making money. There is a church, but not that important. There is an aristocratic type of society in Virginia as well. Its not that kind of wealth or formal structure like in England, but there are some people by mid 1600’s that are becoming much wealthier than others. The wealthy control everything. The aristocrats ran the government, ran the church, ran the fact that they made it harder for poor people to get land than it is for rich people to get land. What they are doing is trying to be like England. The reason they are coming to Virginia is because they are very poor and they see opportunity in Virginia. They are creating a colony that looks more and more like England-mid 1600’s In England the noble people were wealthy because of the agriculture.
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American History 2055 - History 1055 1865 to...

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