Outline 7 & 8 - 7. The abolition movement of the...

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7. The abolition movement of the United States history intended to ban and outlaw slavery. It started in the 18 th century when the American colonization society formed in 1817 and tried to take slaves back to Liberia, Africa. It didn’t work and the movement was not very solid but in the 19 th century some new characters were involved and wanted to end slavery instantly. The felt it was a great a sin and they often illustrated similarities between slavery and their personal agonies. Ex: humpback guy who had severe deformities would preach against slavery. Women who were seeking for own rights were also involved in antislavery movement. ANTISLAVERY, ABOLITION AND THE WOMEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT Northern and Southern states diverge, sectionalism, issues of state or federal supremacy, agriculture or industry, and slavery The American Colonization Society formed in 1817 to resettle slaves in Liberia, Africa Abolitionists (want to get rid of something; want to get rid of the slavery David Walker pamphlet Appeal to the colored citizen of the world encouraged slave rebellion Nat Nurner’s 1831 revolt in Southeamton Country, Virginia In the North, abolitionist societies express moral outage over slavery and call for its immediate abolishment. The best known group of antislavery reformers headed by William Lloyd Garrison . His paper, the Liberator (talk about abolish slaves). Founded the abolitionist American Anti Slavery Society in 1831 William Lloyd Garrison - wants to end slavery RIGHT NOW. Northerns flock to hear first hand accounts of slavery by
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Outline 7 & 8 - 7. The abolition movement of the...

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