Notes on Slavery - 1 Brief notes on the various theories...

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Brief notes on the various theories and viewpoints regarding the expansion of slavery in the territories ***The following notes will be used either as a short essay response to question #8 or a part of the multiple choice questions. After l845 a bitter dispute resurfaced over the question of slavery in the territories. During the Mexican-American War (l844-48) deeply seated resentment against slavery was aroused in the North. Many Northerners believed the war had been started by slave happy Southerners to gain more slaveholding territories. This fear and anxiety was particularly evident over the question of Texas’ annexation. The annexation of the republic would affect the balance of power between the North and the South. In l837 the Vermont legislature issued a protest against the admission of any state whose Constitution tolerated domestic slavery. In response to the protest John C. Calhoun announced that any attempt to exclude a state on account of slavery would be tantamount to the dissolution of the Union. Arkansas and Michigan had just been admitted into the Union creating a balance of 13 slave and 13 Free states. In the south proper Florida was the only slave territory left. However, three free territories, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Maine would be demanding admission soon, disrupting that balance. This fear and anger was also reflected in the Wilmot Proviso. In early August of
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Notes on Slavery - 1 Brief notes on the various theories...

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