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8. Discuss the various theories to emerge regarding the expansion of slavery in the territories from 1819 to the Dred Scott decision in l857. After 1845 dispute of slavery in territories resurfaced. Anti-slavery feelings were deep in the north during the Mexican-American War. Many thought the war was started by the south to gain more slave territories. With the admission of Arkansas and Michigan there was a balance of 13 slave and 13 free states. 1846 President James K. Polk sent 2 million dollars, to Santa Ana to cede California. California was a free Mexican state and became a free U.S. state.
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Unformatted text preview: • Congress had a moral duty to prohibit slavery wherever it has jurisdiction. • The Free Soil and Republican Party was established to enforce it. • South believed Congress has no power to prohibit slaves in the territories, but had duty to protect there. • South believed slavery was national and freedom was sectional. • William Stewart believes Natural Law was superior to all man made laws. • Under God all men are free and equal. • Stephen Douglas believes Popular Sovereignty was a compromise....
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