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History 1377 Final Examination Study Questions-Fall 2007 Professor T. Tillery ***Except for some minor changes in the wording these will constitute the possible essay questions for the final examination. The final examination will be composed of essay questions and a section on multiple choice. In preparation for the essay and multiple questions students should consult the handouts placed on WebCT. Information from lectures, the textbook and any additional information placed on WebCT should be used to answer the following questions. 1. Historians have continuously debated the nature of the institution of slavery. Discuss the two major interpretations discussed in class and contrast them with a description of the “Peculiar Institution” in the 19 th century. The second part should include the organization and operation of the institution and its impact on the slave population. 2. Discuss the Presidency of Andrew Jackson from l828 to l836. This essay should address the major issues confronting his administration and how he chose to resolve
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Unformatted text preview: them. Be sure to include any biographical or personality traits that may help to explain how he dealt with these issues. 3. In all likelihood no one historical theory can adequately explain the cause of the Civil War. In a short well-written essay discuss the different theories offered by both historians and contemporaries to explain the Civil War. 4. Compare and contrast Washington’s and Jefferson’s approach to domestic policies (national issue such as tariffs) during their administrations. 5. Discuss the role of partisan politics in foreign affairs during the Washington and Adams Administration. 6. Compare and contrast the first emancipation movement with the nineteenth century abolitionist movement. 7. Discuss the establishment of slavery in New England and the efforts to achievement its abolition by l808. 8. Discuss the various theories to emerge regarding the expansion of slavery in the territories from 1819 to the Dred Scott decision in l857....
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