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7. Discuss the establishment of slavery in New England and the efforts to achievement its abolition by l808. 1820’s only free people of color demanded emancipation. By 1830 there are over 50 anti-slavery societies. By 1831 a crusade was ushered by a few white reformers. Abolitionism is characterized by religious fervor, moral urgency and vision of human perfection. Societies helped slaves by the Underground Railroad and spreading the word through Lit. such as Freedom’s Journal.
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Unformatted text preview: Garrison was the most prominent abolitionist. He was the founder of the Liberator in 1831. He demanded complete and immediate emancipation. There were many persecutions against anti-slavery activists. By 1840 abolitionists had to run to the north to continue the fight. Nonetheless abolitionists grew to 500+ societies by 1840 and a membership of 150,000. New England and West abolitionists split over womens rights, colonization and the constitution....
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