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8. Discuss the various theories to emerge regarding the expansion of slavery in the territories from 1819 to the Dred Scott decision in l857. After the admittance of Texas into the union new theories emerged on what congress should do about slavery. One theory was that congress has a moral duty to protect territories and states from slavery, wherever the law of congress applies. Freedom should be a national policy but slavery would be sectional or separate. It would be upto the state whether it would be a free or a slave state. Also there should be a equal number of free and slave state. While the south had the opposite point of view, that freedom was sectional and slavery was national. The south claimed that congress should not have the power to prohibit slavery in territories but instead should protect it. In the the case of dred scott of 1857. a slave will sue for his families freedom claiming that since he was in a free state he should also be free. Dred Scott would lose in this case and prove the southerners’
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