Summary Points 12

Summary Points 12 - Summary Points 12 First Presidential...

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Unformatted text preview: Summary Points 12 First Presidential Administration o George Washington first President o Chief concern was establishment of precedent o Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton most important of the cabinet members and Administration o Sought to establish the strength, power and integrity of first national government o First battles between the Federalist and Antifederalists erupt over the interpretation of Article 1 Section 8 of constitution------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Constitution Can not make a perfect constitution because humans are nor perfect And even if we did make a perfect constitution, it would not stand because of the frailties of humans First Presidential Administration o Washington became first President Was inaugurated in April 30, 1879 o In 1792, Georgia invited Eli Whitney to study their cotton problem The land had been overused to cultivate tobacco Said that tobacco was on its way out due to soil-overuse Some say that if that would have happened, slavery would have died cotton in America there were two different kind of cottons long stable cotton o was silky o could separate the seed from the fiber without any problem o only grew in a small area short stable cotton is what mostly grew in the south o was tough o hard to separate seed from cotton They invited Eli to try and invite a machine that can make separating the short staple cotton from its seed He creates the cotton-gin o Now the south needed more land and more slaves to work the cotton o When Washington became president, most cities in America were new Philadelphia had paved streets but most had streets of gravel...
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Summary Points 12 - Summary Points 12 First Presidential...

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